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Great ideas on how to organize bras and panties!

There are never too many bras and panties for a fashionable lady. Different styles, colors, brands – all this variety is so satisfying to have in your lingerie drawer, especially when everything is carefully sorted and wisely organized.

If you still have a mess in your underwear collection – take a look at these simple yet excellent ideas on how to make your intimates get their perfect places.

Separate old underwear from the new one

Let your two lower drawers be the storage for the old underwear only. The left one is for panties and the right one is for old bras. When we say old we mean items with faded color or items with shredded seams or fabric – something you still can wear.

Two upper drawers are for your new underwear and here are three ways to organize your intimates efficiently.

organized bra

Define what type of clothing you wear most often to sort your bras in accordance with your preferred clothing style: if you love low neckline outfits showing the cleavage – put your push-up and plunge bras at the first row of the drawer.

The second line of the drawer is for bras and sets which you wear on occasion: bras for nights out and parties, for sports, for traveling, for special moments. That’s a great way to get rid of the mess in your underwear wardrobe, so you can easily find an undergarment for the certain outfit and occasion.

Everyday underwear vs. bra and panties for special occasions

That is actually the most common way of organizing underwear. Put your U-plunge, adhesive, strappy, and shelf bras separately as you are not wearing them on daily basis. In short, you separate “comfort” from the “beauty” as that is how most women are used to “classify” their underwear.

All other types of bras (sport/bandeau/T-shirt bras) are sorted as underwear for casual outfits. Push-up bras, balconettes, bralettes are sorted for daily wearing to the office, meetings, etc. Panties are sorted accordingly.

Color vs. nude/black/white

This way of organizing underwear is good only if you have a really huge collection of all types of bras and lingerie sets, so all you need is to sort them by colors. It means you have several absolutely same bras of each type and the only difference between them is color (or, maybe, decorations).

You will definitely need a few drawers and quite a large space for your lingerie wardrobe. Check out special underwear organizers at online stores and get more ideas on your intimates organizing at popular lingerie blogs.bras organizerbras organizer