You will not want to take these bras off!

How often we come back home from work and the first thing we do is taking off the bra with the sigh of relief. Did you know that some models of unlined bras with no underwire may be as comfortable as the braless “mode”? Did you know that there are bras which can make your body say “thank you” because it sings with joy?

Of course, there are lots of soft underwire bras which are equal or better than unwired ones in terms of a comfort, but still, non-wired stretchy bras are unbeatable in terms of absolutely natural sensations.

Gossard Supersmooth Non Wired Plunge Bra

Gossard Supersmooth Non Wired Plunge Bra

This bra brings an ultimate comfort and we promise – you will forget the fact you are actually wearing a bra. Super smooth fabric and softest possible cups perfectly repeat the lines of your body. In spite of having no underwire, the bra provides pretty decent support while breasts are not squeezed or tightened up.
Elegant classic style makes this bra a good option for wearing under any type of outfit, including T-shirts.

Everyday Rosie Bra by Royce Lingerie

Everyday Rosie Bra by Royce Lingerie

This is an epitome of gorgeous and elegant femininity, featured with a delicate lace. Moulded cups provide your breasts with a wonderful round shape while the cotton lining makes sensations as natural as the bra can bring at all. Back closure and adjustable straps hold your “girls” reliably, keeping breasts in the natural position. It’s truly the best everyday choice for every lady.

Simply Perfect Invisible Wire-Free Bra by Warners

Simply Perfect Invisible Wire-Free Bra by Warners

Many bloggers call this bra the “most comfortable bra they have ever worn”. We have no doubts in it as this soft, non-padded bra is one of the best selling products in online lingerie stores.

The only detail you may find inconvenient is non-adjustable straps. Still, straps are extra-stretchy and soft, so whatever the length of your torso straps will not cut into the skin of shoulders. Wear it and feel great all day long!

We would also recommend trying on unlined bralettes which come in a variety of styles and models. Although bralettes do not push breasts up, they make your body feel comfortable and you will never hate wearing a bra again.

choose your perfect bra and panties set post

Choose your perfect bra and panties set!

At first, let’s define what means “the best” when it comes to a lingerie set. Should it be best for the certain outfit or for your body type? Maybe, you are looking for the best bra and panties for your comfortable everyday wearing? Or maybe, “the best” means the most reliable support possible for your fitness routine or for wearing a bra during the pregnancy?

Those are the questions need to be answered separately and we’ll give you some great tips on how to choose the best underwear set.

choose your bra and panties set

The best set for your body type

It’s never about the “pear” or “apple” body shape, but always about love to own body. Therefore the task number one is to show and enhance your best parts with the help of lingerie. If you are the lucky owner of big breasts – your beneficial types of bra and panties are: balconettes with thongs or seamless full cup bra with the delicate lacy briefs like you can find and choose at

The best set for your outfit

It’s obvious that the dress with a low neckline requires the perfectly looking cleavage. The best lingerie set for a cocktail dress or an evening gown is a push-up bra with the matching thongs or the U-plunge bra for the more enhanced bust.

Whatever the style of your outfit it’s necessary to have in your wardrobe a convertible bra which transforms into any bra style by replacing the straps or detaching them at all. Therefore, convertible bra plus pretty boy shorts are the universal underwear set.

The best set for everyday wearing

The comfort is an ultimate goal! Your best everyday underwear is full cup bra with lacy briefs or full coverage balconette bra with the hipster panty set. Feels perfect – looks great! For the casual outfit, the T-shirt bra and cotton panties are recommended!

At Lane Bryant you’ll find just incredibly comfortable and amazingly feminine lingerie sets for to feel a Queen on daily basis!