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We not just adore and love this woman’s garment but we also are specialists in everything related to lingerie. We are in fact so overwhelmed with our passion for bra styles, shapes, and bra concepts that we need to share it with the world. And when we say world we mean same lingerie addicted people who are passionate about style, beauty and fashion.

What do we write about?

We write reviews on bra models and bra brands, with the detailed description of all its benefits and flaws. Our reviews come in handy when you are not certain about purchasing definite bra model. Our expertise will help you make up your mind so you can shop wisely.

We post news about recent lingerie fashion shows and overviews of newest lingerie collections.

We post guides and instructions on how to do measurements and how to pick the right type of bras for certain outfits and occasions.

We post delightful visuals of most beautiful lingerie items which are a pure aesthetic pleasure to look at and dream about.

Why Brachain is the best place to visit every day?

We write our reviews and advice for those who just love everything about lingerie. If you need some distraction in the middle of the working day, or you want to read and watch something interesting – we always have something special for you!

It’s important that we don’t copy and paste our materials, but instead, our experts provide readers with exceptionally capturing reviews and guides. We believe there is no better way to lift up a lady’s mood than to give her a good portion of fashion (in a way of articles, celebs interviews, and awesome pictures!).

Brachain is a sophisticated world dedicated to the most feminine garment – a Bra. We’ll keep you posted about our daily journey through bra models, news, best online bra stores, hottest sales and discounts and so on.

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